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    2. The Broadbent Institute is Canada's leading progressive, independent organization championing
      change through the promotion of democracy, equality, and sustainability and the training of
      a new generation of leaders.

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      • Our Ideas

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        Income Inequality

        Economic inequality is one of the critical challenges of our time. To reverse the growing gap and create a more fair and just society, progressives must demand public policies that focus on shared prosperity and equitable wealth distribution for all.

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        Democratic Renewal

        To reverse the hollowing out of democracy, Canada must restore faith in the system and renew public engagement in the political process including reforming democratic institutions to be accountable and responsive, advocating for more formal representation of women and minority groups, and investing in communities.

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        Green Economy

        Climate change, deforestation, water contamination, cancer-causing toxins, ecosystem decline: Canada must focus on the development of innovative greener industries that generate good jobs and globally competitive companies that can fuel Canada’s long-term economic well-being.

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        Social Democracy

        Social democracy is an array of social movements promoting equality and recognition of differences, including feminism, anti-racism, the environmental movement and struggles for the recognition of disability rights and Indigenous rights.

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